Make Money Through Apps

Hey veterans: Are you looking for ways to make money from home using apps?

Have you tried some apps only to be disappointed with the money making opportunities they give?

Well, read on to learn more about how you can make more money with the use of apps.

Now, there are many apps offering different prizes and money making tasks, but the problem is finding the real gems. People who get on the app money-making bandwagon are going to be secretive about them.

Also, it is pretty difficult to figure out which apps to trust. With scammers on the rise paired with the recent Equifax breach, app usage is becoming a little bit of a something to be feared.

But through all the problems and worries there are apps that can make you money in a safe and fun manner.

make money with apps

Make money through apps? Image:Pixabay

Now you might be holding your phone in your hand and trying to figure how this tiny piece of technology is going to help you make money. With apps, of course! The possibilities of money making potential are limitless and here a just a few of the ways you can make those Benjamins!

1) Drive for Uber or Lyft Apps

If you need to make some quick cash, why not be a private driver. Driving is a lucrative way to make ends meet and you can set your own hours. Now Uber is great for those out of you out there who may not be a people person.

The company has recently expanded its services from ride sharing to deliver driving for food companies and other companies who need packages delivered. There are some restrictions to being an Uber driver such as the age of the car and the ability to pass a background check.

Now what you make when working for Uber is really up to you, but the average is about $17 per hour.

2) Shopping apps to help you make money

Now shopping apps are a way to make money while you spend it! The basic principle is after you have made a purchase you scan your receipt in and reap rewards for your purchases. Sometimes you may get bonus points for certain items and after you get so many points you can redeem those points for cash.

Some of the popular shopping apps are, and All of these apps have their individual terms and conditions and limitations on how much you can make.

3) Make your own app!

The best way to make revenue from an app is to make your own! There are many websites and companies out there that can help you make an app (see for example).

The best part with these sites is that the app can be about anything you want it to be. You could create the next Angry Birds!  Hey, you never know… Anything’s possible.

You should know that if you do not charge for your app then you will probably have to survive on advertising methods such as stopping a game midway to show an ad or have banners running in the app itself.

Any app’s growth can be slow in the beginning, but look at Angry Birds which was worth $210 million and they started out only charging less than $1 per download. That genius idea in your head could be next to take the world by storm.

So what did you think of our ideas and do you have any money-making app suggestions? If you do then please head over to our Facebook page to share them.

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