Texas Assistance Programs for Veterans

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Hey veterans, here’s a story that either you or someone you know could easily have experienced if they do not know where to find assistance for themselves.

It involves a young man from the state of Texas who joins a branch of the armed services.

In the course of duty he, of course, gives everything he had to the serve the United States of America.

But he returns home and experiences severe emotional difficulty and soon finds that he himself was failed by the health system of the US.

Straight out of high school he married his high school sweetheart and after the birth of their first child he was stationed overseas in Belgium and, of course, his family went along.

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Two children later he was re-stationed in a war zone and was kept from communicating freely with his family due to security concerns. His wife and children stayed back with his family in the United States.

In Belgium the US helped pay for his education while he was stationed and assisted with living expenses so his wife did not have to work full time. But when he returned from the final deployment, he was not the same because he had seen and experienced things that traumatized him severely.

Unfortunately, even though he needed real assistance, he tried to manage it himself due to the stigma that can be associated with mental health issues and so he fell through the cracks.

Eventually he was honorably discharged but the stress of not having the income along with the PTSD made it difficult to work and maintain relationships and so found himself alone and homeless.

For people like this young man, this is where programs offered by private nonprofits and state agencies, such as those in his home state of Texas can help.

The Texas Veterans Commissions offers many different types of assistance to Texan veterans. From housing, to general assistance and even mental healthcare.

This commission also offers help when it comes to healthcare and bodily health assistance. They can help connect you with good healthcare as well as help you pay for it if needed.

Another great program is the Veterans Treatment Court grants.

Unfortunately, to deal with the stress of the situations they find themselves in. Some veterans turn to drugs and alcohol and find themselves in trouble. When this happens.

This commission is available to step in and help the veteran through the process as well as organize transportation to and from court and counseling.

Another great part of this program, is you get connected into a group with other veterans in similar situations. They can help you feel not so alone.

Lastly, the veterans mental health assistance program is a great option for those needing help with PTSD or other mental health problems. Things that these young men and women are seeing over seas in war zones is not pretty. It takes some processing and this program can help fund that and make it available to those veterans who need it.

In the end, our veterans who are not aware of the benefits they could be receiving are missing out on the assistance that they need.

These programs in Texas can help Texas veterans receive the assistance that they need. Just like the young man spoke of before, there are veterans in need and these programs are here for them!

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The Prince Project Releases Song “The Jingle Bell Slide”

I am proud to be one of the first to let you guys in on a secret: A good buddy of mine named Prince Taylor (ex-Navy veteran) has decided to bring some Christmas cheer to the US.

His new song is called “The Jingle Bell Slide” and it is designed to get your next 20 or so Christmas gatherings up from their usual dinner table rituals and into line-dancing formation.

The song is hilarious and you will definitely want to add it to your Xmas song rotation.

Check out the press release on The Jingle Bell Slide by The Prince Project.

The Prince Project -Jingle Bell Slide – From “Silky Black presents Christmas”

A fun and heart-warming Christmas track with a unique twist.

December 2019 – It’s that magical time again, and many artists are taking to their recording studios to record some holiday-themed songs. Some dive deeper into the classics, while others prefer to put a unique spin on the material.

The Prince Project is back on the scene with a fantastic new release titled Jingle Bell Slide. This is a quintessential Christmas song, which will immediately put you and your loved ones in a cheerful mood!

The track has a really stunning production, and it has a bright, appealing sound that sets the bar higher in terms of excellence. In addition to the personable and edgy performance value, this release is also quite distinctive because of the sheer quality of the production.

The mix is balanced and very detail-oriented, making for a lively, edgy and stark sonic approach. In other words, there are many subtle nuances in this release, which really add to the richness of the track when summed up together.

The frequency spectrum of the mix is also very balanced, with a tight, yet deep low end working wonders along with a smooth top end, which adds a sense of clarity to the music.

Many people might be familiar with this melody, but this version has a very special sound, which really brings something fresh to the table.

This track ultimately is the perfect holiday song, because it has a positive, happy attitude, but also a special approach which makes it unique.

If you want some exciting new music under the Christmas tree, then look no further, because this one is going to be right up your alley! Sweet, nostalgic, and beautifully warm, “Jingle Bell Slide” as performed by The Prince Project and Soo Kang, as well as Keith Javors on piano and keyboards and Andrew Neu on saxophone, with background vocalists Blessing Osazuwa and Danielle Harley-Scott, is a perfect addition to any holiday playlist in 2019!

Find out more about The Prince Project and do not miss out on this amazing new release, which will add a new spice to your holiday soundtrack!

Check it out here: