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Hey Veterans: How To Be Your Own Boss As A Social Media Manager

Are you looking for a business that you could start out of your house yet allow you to work from anywhere in the world on your laptop?

Would you like to start a side-hustle that could really turn into a big business down the road?

Are you tired of the rat race and the life of the employee?

Well, the side-business in the YouTube video below just might be for you.

The video represents a great walkthrough of how to earn money online without paying anything.

However, there are a few items needed to make the business truly succeed that are not talked about in the report so I have chosen to include these items after the video.

Really, if you have any service-based business idea you can implement my add-on ideas to supercharge your chances for really succeeding.


Because most of the people you will be competing within your space simply are too lazy to go out and do these things.

When I was still searching for a way to make money online that could also be a legit offline business that could really grow into something I really wish I had found this report from Fox News 7. Give a look and then let’s talk about how to really make sure you succeed should you choose to go that route.

Are you pumped to go out and start getting clients? Good! Here’s what you should do to try to stand out from the herd:

  1. Find the true physical address of the business contact who will make buying decisions for the prospective client.
  2. FedEx (not snail mail, not email) them a package that also contains a bulky trinket related to your service. They should be able to feel the item through the package. It should be something memorable for the business (i.e.-they should be super reluctant to throw it away)
  3. Follow up with a phone call – be sure to remind them of the trinket. The only goal of this call is to get an invite to sit down and chat for 15 minutes about their business needs.
  4. If you get the invite do your homework – try to anticipate the problems the business might be having. Let them confirm or deny these in your 15 minutes.
  5. Use the 15 minutes to learn about the ONE BIGGEST PAIN POINT regarding their business
  6. At the end of the 15 minutes offer to do a simple, super low-cost, hard to resist service for them based upon your research (i.e. – build or beautify a facebook fan page or LinkedIn profile)
  7. Over-deliver if you get the order, then ask for more business by showcasing how your service can SOLVE all or a portion of the BIG PAIN POINT you discovered in the 15-minute interview.
  8. Over Deliver. Rinse and Repeat.

You now have the keys to the kingdom, no matter where that kingdom lies.

From Beijing to the Bronx, this is a formula for success in service industries. Now it’s time to take your slice of the Pie of Success.

But you’re gonna need a bigger plate, my friend.

If you have other points you think should be added to this success template let me know!