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Hey Veterans: Do You Want to Know How to Make Money By Blogging?

Are you a veteran who has something to say?  Do you think people will find real value from your hard-earned life lessons?  Well, if you do we can help you figure out  ways to make money online by blogging?

This site is dedicated to helping veterans gain knowledge about saving money and earning more of it, and blogging is definitely a path that some people take in order to earn a living.

What Is Blogging and How Does It Work?

bloggin apps to make money
Make money blogging? You’ve got this. Image:Pixabay

Blogging has been around since the early years of the internet. Messages boards evolved into whole sites dedicated to the thoughts of just one person. People all over the internet are bragging about how much they’re making, but not saying what it takes to make the bucks.

Those lucky enough to make a living off the business don’t want you to know how they make money, but we do, so read on to learn how you too can get rich on your opinions.

In the quest to rid the internet of the scarcity mentality and to help you make money, below is a step by step guide to making money as a blogger.

1) You Need A Blogging Topic You Love

Now the first idea is going to be your biggest hurdle. You need to blog about something you know about (or have the passion to learn about quickly), but you also need to make sure it will be a topic you can carry on writing about for as long as it takes you to build up a fan base.

2) Find a Website Builder and CMS You Are Comfortable Using

There are several free blogging platforms on the internet but you need to find one you will be comfortable using and make sure it has the exposure you need for your target market. CMS stands for Content Management System. Some examples of blogging CMS platforms to get you started for free are the classic and WordPress. Both websites are user-friendly and great for beginners to the craft.

3) Advertise, Advertise, Drive Massive Traffic!

The importance of advertising and driving traffic cannot be emphasized enough when it comes to making money online by blogging. If you properly get your mindset focused on promoting your blog the right way, then you are throwing away the chance to make a fortune.

Make sure you advertise and be really active on social media.  Also, create by word of mouth by getting to know your target audience on forums and question and answer sites. Last, but not least, CREATE AWESOME CONTENT.

There really are people out there who make their living off blogging and they do it by consistently giving readers what they want.

Putting Adsense on your blog can get you started collecting money per ad click which can quickly add up depending upon your website traffic. If you had 500 people visit your site and click an ad that paid 0.03 per click that is $15 per day. Some advertisers have been reported to pay $7 per click so you can see the earning potential.


In a recent article for, the issue of earning money online was addressed. When it came to the topic of blogging, the article was quick to note that blogging is the easiest and most sustainable way to make money online.

It offers some steps to set up a blog and reminds would be internet millionaires like yourself that so long as you blog about what you know and have yourself in the right market then you will have no problems making money off a blogging website.

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