40 Legit Ways To Make Extra Money From Home Online

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Veterans: How You Too Can Make Money From Home Online

Hey men and women of the Armed Forces: Are you struggling to make those pennies stretch? Do you sometimes look at your bank balance and want to burst into tears? Are you working in a soul-sucking job for a soulless company? Or perhaps you are looking for a way out of debt while living on a fixed income…

If any of those questions resemble you then it may be that your home computer and your connection to the internet have the answers you are looking for.

Now, this article is not about how to get rich on the internet, but you can bet it would be much nicer to begin to see more money flowing into your bank account than out.

With some of the following ideas, even seasoned veterans can begin to make money from home online starting today and may even have enough left over to save for an awesome vacation!

The idea of making money from home has moved from a dream to reality for a number of people and perhaps now is your time to make money online right now!

I suspect that in the future we will see many, many more people get rich online while not being tied to an office.

So What Is The Real Way People Make Money Online?

Now you may be asking yourself, “How do I start riding that gravy train?” or “They’ve promised that I can make quick cash…It seems too scammy to be true… What’s with those ads I see suggesting a person could make an extra $10,000 per month?”

It is true that there are many scams out there but the trick is to do your research and separate the good from the bad.

We have all heard stories about people receiving fake checks and subsequently losing money to scammers but here are a few things to bear in mind when venturing into this new world:

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First, many people who really make money online (no scams) are very secretive about it. The main reason for this is because they don’t want you to cash in on their racket (makes sense to me…).

The fact is that they feel that fewer people that know about how to make money selling online, the less competition they have.  I believe that this is a scarcity mentality and that to be truly successful one must spread the wealth they earn.

As an example, did you know that some people who are ebook ghostwriters get paid into the thousands of dollars on one job alone? Do you think they want you as competition? People will be people, so you’ve got to do your own research on how others are getting rich online.

Second, if you are lucky enough to find a side-hustle that meets your needs, you need to be careful and do your homework to make sure it isn’t too good to be true.

When a site promises quick ways to make money from home or online with little to no effort, you can be sure they are full of…crap.

So, yes, there are many quick ways to earn money, but the money may not be that big, or the work may not be for you.

You might ask: Are there people really making thousands per month online or working from home now? This is a legitimate question for the curious and skeptics alike.

Here are a few things to look out for before responding to a work at home job advertisement or getting into an online marketing deal.

Does the dollars promised by the gig make sense?

Ask yourself this, does the rate of pay being offered for the online work seem way too generous for the actual work being performed?

Most people are so eager to ask “how can I earn money online from this” that they forget to apply logic to the situation. Seriously, if an ad is offering $60 per hour to do something simple like stuff envelopes then your BS meter should go to high alert immediately.

Is the company offering the online work a legit or well-known company?

This is a huge issue in the world of making money online. Many scammers will try to present themselves as reps of big or well-known businesses while presenting an opportunity to make quick money.

However,  if you’re in doubt about the legitimacy go to the company’s official website. If the job is not running there, then chances are it was a scammer trying to get your personal info.

Also, never get involved with any company that asks you to pay some type of fee before you can work for them. Why? Because scammers!

No matter how good their offer to help you get money from home may be, you should probably skip ’em.  Real companies don’t make you pay because if you make money they have clearly made money too.

Real companies don’t make you pay big money to play.  They want to show you how to make money from home for free because if you make money they have clearly made money too.

Internet-based interviews for online work

If you’re interviewing for a virtual position, be leery of any companies that do not want to do a real interview online, say via Skype. If they don’t want to show their face to you or let you hear their voice then the chances are high that it is not legit, or that eventually, you won’t be happy with them in some way.

Write them off and return to the hunt!

All the legitimate ways I have seen to make money online actually involve a real person with a real product or service. Great companies and salespeople don’t hide behind the internet to earn their dollar online.

Looking for online work can be frustrating often because it feels like the opportunities are hidden from plain view. A lot of online gigs are held by people who are long established in their particular industry and had transitioned from office work.

With that being said if you’re reading this article you’re probably at a point where you need to earn money online now by exploring the world of online work or finding yourself a side-hustle.

Below are some of the many money-making ventures one can legitimately do from home to make money today.

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1.  Surveys Can Help You Earn Money From Home Fast For Free

Surveys are a great way to earn income from home and can be a fun pastime too. When we say a bit of cash we really mean it, though. Most sites pay a pittance, but if you are lucky enough to qualify then there are surveys that can pay you $100’s. Here are a few sites that offer paid surveys.


Swagbucks pays you to do surveys and perform other tasks in return for their credits known as Swagbucks, which can be converted into hard currency or traded for gift cards and other rewards. The site will not make you rich but it’s a way to earn money fast that will give you great alternatives for spending money on Christmas presents.

Opinion Outpost

Opinion outpost is s great site for surveys and it has an incentive cash pool drawing of $10,000. The prize is drawn once a quarter. In addition to the cash drawing, you can earn apple and Amazon gift cards and is helpful if you need to make money fast, even if it’s not so much to start.

2. Create a blog

Some gurus will tell you that if you want to learn how to earn money fast just start a blog.  The truth is that while blogging can allow you to learn how to make money online without paying anything, it is incredibly difficult to do.

Blog creation can be very lucrative but it is not for everyone. Many people go blank when considering what they might write about. Rest assured if you can get a blog up and running and really figure out your market and proper marketing, it can be very lucrative. Most people who run blogs make their money off of advertising tools such as Adsense including this one!

Now, the amount of money you can make off the advertising varies greatly. Factors include the number of clicks your ads get and the amount a company will pay you per click. For a blog to be successful you need to figure out one very difficult thing: how to get a TON of traffic.  Do not be fooled, it is not easy. But for those who crack the code…

Bling Bling – Image Pixabay

That said, if you love spending lots of time online and interacting with lots of people online, you can definitely make it happen.

Some bloggers have figured out that banding together helps spread the traffic, so it would be good to get to know other bloggers in your space. Once you get traffic, then it the next important matter is monetization (see Adsense). If you want to get started creating a blog for free to visit, blogger.com, WordPress or Weebly and get started blogging today!

3. Watch and like videos – make big money!

Who knew you could get paid to watch videos? Well folks, you really can. There are actual websites and businesses that allow you to watch and like videos to get paid. If you catch the job page at the right time, Netflix actually hires people to watch films all day long!

Other companies that will pay you to do what you are probably already doing all day anyway include swagbucks, inboxdollars, and Nielsen Digital Voice.

4. Make money from home today by testing websites

User or website testing can be very well-paying and often times you can find permanent positions with well-known companies. User testing is paid per job and if you are not lucky enough to find a regular gig, then you could always check out a company known as usertesting.com which pays $10 for every 20-minute video you create.  So if you were some type of web-munching machine that could mean $30 per hour.

The company uses software to record your thoughts on the site you are testing and then uses that feedback to improve the overall experience for future users of the site based on your recommendations.

Too.. much.. user.. testing…Image: Pixabay
5. Become A Freelance Writer

If you consider yourself a wordsmith and know the difference between when to use ‘affect’ and ‘effect’, then freelance writing might be the vocation for you. Freelance writing is considered by some to be a grind but it PAYS and is one of the best ways to generate money from home online! There are many sites out there looking for talented writers and if you have the know-how and dedication to the craft, you can make hundreds a week or more.

Most writing websites will pay you between 1 and 7 cents per word, but there are some who will have a set rate based on the quality of the work.  For example, onlinewiritingjobs.com pays $10, $14 or $27 dollars depending on the score your editor gives you. There are also companies that hire permanent full-time employees but they are often looking for years of experience and degrees to match it.

If you want to get a feel for the type of work one would do as a freelance writer then head on over to textbroker.com and apply to be a freelance writer today.  Being a great writer is how to make money now…not later, now.

6. Graphic Design

What’s considered the best way to make money online today? Being a provider of things that support the backbone of the internet is like being a tool salesperson to all those speculators heading West during the Gold Rush: Graphic Design is part of that backbone (along with programmers if you have that skill).

Freelance graphic designers are always in high demand. If you are a wizard with Adobe Photoshop you can really cash in.  As far as full-time work goes, the nature of the work can be sporadic and therefore many employers will be okay with and even encourage work from home options.

A simple search of Indeed.com gives many options for graphic design positions, alternatively, you could set up your own website and build up a client list of your own. The standard hourly rates set by graphic designers range from $25 to $150 depending on the size and complexity of the job as well as your skill level.

7. Virtual Assistant – Not Your Grandpa’s Secretary

Gone are the days of having an assistant sitting outside the door waiting to make coffee. In today’s high-tech world, businesses have realized the cost-effective nature of virtual assistants and are utilizing these services to the fullest.

Being a top-notch VA can help you earn money online now because many busy business people need someone they can trust to take care of their business for them. If that’s you, you can make some good extra income from home.

There are many sites where you can list your services as an assistant on a freelance basis such as freelancer.com, brainhire.com, and upwork.com. Bear in mind that some of these sites do charge fees so be mindful before signing up. Alternatively, you could sign up with an agency such as Time Etc or Zirtual.com. Virtual Assistants, on average, make between $15 and $20 an hour.

8. Chegg Tutors Help You Pay Your Gift Forward

Do you have a gift for teaching? You might wonder “How does that skill make me money on the internet?”. Well, let me tell you!  Chegg is an awesome website that pairs students or other qualified people with students who need tutoring. This is the perfect income for anyone qualified to tutor at the college level and pays tutors roughly $20 per hour.

9. So How Do You Make Money With Focus Groups?

Focus groups are a great way to make some extra cash and they can be really fun as well. Some focus groups will have you watch films and then give your opinions on the content. Other focus groups might ask you about political candidates or even let you sample food or other products.

20/20 research is one of the oldest and most trusted firms, they and a few others (including Probe Market Research who doesn’t have the best reviews..) offer online or telephone interviews where others may ask you to come to a physical location to participate. The amount of compensation you receive varies but it can be anywhere between $50 to $200 dollars, again this is all dependent on the specific research.

10. Personal Research Assistants Make Money Online With Google

Good work from home jobs are hard to come by but if you are lucky enough to qualify for a position as a personal research assistant you can earn a pretty nice paycheck. What’s even nicer is that you earn it on while on your own schedule.

When most think of research they think of lab coats and numbers but it can also be doing in-depth searches online and entering your findings into a system. Wonder Personal Research Assistant is a good place to start hunting for this type of position.

11. Mechanical Turk Is a Legit Way to Earn Money Online, But…

Mechanical Turk is a subsidiary of Amazon and is a crowdsourcing job website. In a nutshell, employers will list jobs or micro tasks to be completed by workers. These tasks can range from surveys to data entry and the rate of pay is anywhere from damn near nothing up to $60 depending on the project.  However, if you have any other skill listed on this page, I would recommend trying that first… Any Other Skill.

12. Maintain Fan Pages For Those Who Are Too Busy

Now maintaining fan pages can be a tricky one. If you want to set up or maintain a fan page you might want to check what you have to do legally, especially for actors or musicians. If you are cheeky enough you could always approach the PR firms of your favorite actors to see if this possibility could be a reality.

Also, you could go into business as a social media manager and take on clients.  I will always recommend anything that will create an entrepreneur. Yes, it’s less of a safety net than a job, but the sky is the limit for your earning potential.

13. Transcriptionists Earn Quick Money Online Due To Fast Fingers

Transcription work is labor intensive but you can do this from home with ease, particularly if you are a beast typing on a keyboard. Companies have differing wage scales but you can expect to be paid by the line or page and you need to be able to type uber fast as there are usually tight deadlines.

Transcribeme, Casting words and Athreon are great places to start exploring the field of transcription.  You can even put yourself on Fiverr as a freelance transcriptionist and work at your own pace.

14. Sell Your Stuff on Amazon or eBay and Make Some Bank

Making money on the internet is hard, truth be told. However, there are two internet giants that thrive because they work! Setting up an online store is a breeze with Amazon or eBay is a great way to earn money working from home for yourself.

Both sites will walk you through the process although there are some fees associated with selling your goods.  For more info check out the introductory pages of Amazon or eBay and get started selling all that stuff you have piling up in the garage or attic.

Or even better, learn how to arbitrage by buying super cheap from bargain bins and selling that stuff on Amazon and start your own business.

15. Translators Can Make Extra Money Working From Home- ¿Que?

Are you one of those people who are fluent in more than one language? If so, The Language Line is a great place to utilize your skills as a translator.  Also, you could always approach a company like rosetta stone, duolingo or other such companies for work. Alternatively, you could set up a little business of your own translating in your own language. The great part about that is you can set your own hours and individual rates.  And yes…it’s entrepreneurial.

16. Photographers Are The Memory Makers (For A Fee Of Course)
Say Cheez-Its!! Image: Pixabay

Americans are photo crazy and there is always someone getting married or having some type of party for which they want someone helping them create special memories. So why not invest in a Nikon or dust off that Kodak and make some money as a photographer.

This is something you could do out of the home but usually, the client will want you to come to them. Your best bet to break into the market would be through advertising on Craigslist and by making sure you have a portfolio ready.

Technically, this really isn’t something you could do out of the home because usually, the client will want you to come to them. Your best bet to breaking into the market would be through Craigslist advertising and by making sure you have a portfolio of awesome photography shots ready for review.

17. Grant Writers Make It Rain On Not-For-Profits

Grant writing is a great way to use persuasive writing skills you may have but perhaps haven’t put to the test. Many not-for-profits live and die by the grant funding they are able to obtain. Be aware though, as a grant writer you are expected to make money come through the door for the non-profit so make sure you know what you’re doing! You can go check out grantstrategies.com to get started.

18. Call Center Employees Can Earn Money From Home

Call centers are utilizing people working from their home office more and more and are basically saving money by cutting down on space (and using yours). Most of the jobs are sales positions but there are some companies that service tech support for companies like Comcast. Check out Sitel, Convergys or Support.com if you want to start the journey as a housebound call center rep.

19. Freelance Editors – Break Out Your Red Pen

Freelance editing is a competitive market but it is pretty profitable and most editors charge $30 an hour at a minimum for their services. Check out American Journal Experts, OneSpace or Edit911 for more information on how to get your career started.

20. Copywriting (Sales People for Online Marketers)

To be clear, I am not talking about the legal term ‘copyright’ which is usually designated by a © and is designed to protect the legal rights of a product creator.  I am talking about copywriting which is defined as “Sales In Print”.  If you can persuade people to buy things through a written letter, the sky is the limit for your income potential.

Copywriting can pay very well and can be enjoyable work since you are always testing your skills against a previously determined winning piece of copy. Copywriters work in all industries but they are most sought after in the sales and marketing industry and usually work on creating effective sales letters and landing pages for websites.

If this sounds like the career for a persuasion wizard like yourself then head over to google to get searching or advertise your services as a copywriter on freelancer.com or Upwork.com.

21. Video Sales Letters Are Online Sales People Too!

Video sales letters (VSLs) are basically the same as written sales letters but they are set in a video format. However, there are more skills needed such as video editing, graphic design, and sound production that make this a slightly tougher feat.  This also makes a good VSL person someone in high demand! Many companies still need a copywriter for these and you can find employment in this field by heading over to Upwork.com.

This also makes a good VSL person someone in high demand and worth a lot of money! Many companies still need a copywriter for these and you can find employment in this field by heading over to Upwork.com.

22. Teach English To Those Who Talk Funny

The internet is FULL of websites recruiting English teachers. Some require experience where others do not. You are paid per lesson so it is really up to you how much you get paid. Fees per lesson vary on experience and at a minimum you are paid about $8 an hour but can go up from there quickly.

Moreover, if you are a night owl this will work for you as the time difference means peak teaching would be during the night. Check out dadaabc.com or teflsearch.com today.

23. Bookkeepers Can Make Money Online And It’s Not That Hard

Even if you are not a certified accountant, you can quickly learn to do work as a bookkeeper.  You can help yourself learn this quickly by searching on YouTube for basic understanding and then signing up for training through QuickBooks (QB).  There is a fee for the QuickBooks certification but you will have a solid money-making skill once it’s complete.  Xero is an online-only product very much like QB and is also in high demand.

Bookkeepers are always in hot demand and with the year-end creeping closer this is the time to jump on that gravy train. Once you learn QuickBooks or Xero check out remotebooksonline or integravirtualbookkeeper to get started crunching those numbers.

Image: Pixabay
24. Social Media Management Can Make You Wealthy

Many businesses are looking for social media managers to work from home monitoring and updating their social media accounts. With the active social media presence of most companies you will not be bored and if you are lucky you can find a full-time position.

However, you can do yourself a big favor and just get on the phone, call some local businesses, and offer to set up their Facebook page and Twitter for $50.  Once they’re happy, then hit ’em with a monthly subscription to manage those accounts for them.  (Ewww, that’s so…entrepreneurial!!)

25. Sell Your Expertise on Udemy And Get Paid

This is a great way to utilize a skill you already have and turn it into cash! Udemy allows you to record a class on video and sell it to the world. Reports differ on how much you will make as a tutor but the average is around $6k per year. However, if you are really prolific at content creation I am pretty sure you can make more. Again it all depends on supply and demand. Head on over to Udemy and get cranking today!

26. Website Designers Do It Online From Home

This is better suited to a freelance home position due to the sparse work demand. You are going to need top of the line software such as Adobe Suite and top-notch skills if you really want to reel in the clients. Why not set up your own website and advertise yourself on social media to get started.

27. Local Search Engine Optimization Is Hot

SEO is the skill of optimizing a website for maximum exposure to search engines such as Google. It is a form of marketing since if a website ranks highly in Google for a highly searched keyword you can guarantee more potential customers to the business.

If you are skilled enough to do this and have a degree or adequate experience, then there are a lot of jobs out there. Check out flexjobs.com for more info (note, this is a paid service but I can tell you from experience that it’s a great service).

28. Video Editing – A Sorely Needed Skill

Video editing jobs are out there but sometimes it can be your location that keeps you from getting on with a company. Many companies in California will let you telecommute so long as you live in the state.

Do not despair though. There are still many jobs out there.  Check out Upwork.com for some suggested work ideas. Once again, you will need some top-notch hardware and software to go with your skill set in order to bring home the big bucks.

Smile! I am editing you out…Image:Pixabay
29. Marketing Automation Specialists Are Not Robot Makers

A marketing automation specialist is responsible for handling the marketing needs for a company’s online advertising and promotional campaigns. This skill involves learning about sales funnels which is the process of bringing someone from the state of being a mildly interested prospect all the way to a happy paying customer, automatically. PersistIQ is a great site to start your job search.

30. Ebook Writers Can Really Make Good Cash From Home

Ebook writers are in demand right now and it is the perfect job for the housebound writer. If you have the skill to crank out page after page of interesting subject matter for any subject, then you can earn a very steady paycheck. To get started in this role check out ghostebookwriters.com or consider advertising your services to publishing companies, or on freelancer.com.

31. Event and Wedding Planning Works If That’s Your Thing

If organizational and interpersonal skills are your strength then there are brides out there looking for you! Event and wedding planning can be a hard market to break into and unless you can find someone who needs an apprentice then you will have to go it alone.

Consider setting up your own website and make sure you aggressively advertise your services.  You may even have to so far as to do one or two events super cheap to get some raving testimonials.

32. Interior Designers Can Earn From Home Too

If the thought of frills and throws tickles you then why not get into interior decorating. There are many leads sites looking to match your skills with interested clients. Check out craftjack.com for more info or advertise your services on an interior design job board.

33.  Handicraft Designers Make Up Things All The Time

Are you handy at creating beautiful knick-knacks that your friends rave about? If so, you might want to try your hand at creating an Etsy shop!  However, once you get going and making money you will want to expand into having your own website for a variety of reasons.

34. Affiliate Marketing: A Pipe Dream?

Affiliate marketing is the act of referring customers to products and services via a website thereby earning yourself a commission.  In theory it seems easy (and many hucksters on the web will attempt to convince you of this), but in reality most affiliate marketers don’t make even $500 over their entire career.  Why? Because most people who teach this as a method leave out the fact that there is real hard work involved. Don’t be suckered.

It’s Still Hard Work Fool! Image: Pixabay

There ARE people who make BIG money doing this, but it’s best for you to find out who they are and then attempt to get apprenticeship style training from them rather than taking course after course and ending up frustrated and poorer.  But beware: There are some really unscrupulous folk in this game. As with any entrepreneurial business venture you need to seriously do your homework before you explore this option.

35. Voice Actors Have A Voice Made For Radio

Voice acting can be fun and may even take you down a different career path than you ever originally planned for yourself. If you think you have the golden pipes that make the world swoon, then check out Fiverr and list yourself for employment as a voice actor. Alternatively, you could seek out an agent or talent agency, you never know you might end up in the next Pixar film!

36. Warm Sales, Cold Cash

Warm sales are basically reverse telemarketing (which is known as cold calling because the prospect did not ask you to contact them). This is where you are called by a client or you follow up on a lead for a sale in your chosen field.   In theory, you can make a lot of money closing warm leads and closing them should be easier as they expect your call or even better, they called you! Check out a website called isosales.com or search indeed.com to try to find a position.

37. Telemarketing, Doing The Hard Thing Well Can Get You Paid

Anyone who has ever done this knows it is not for the faint of heart. Telemarketing has gotten some flack over the years but if you know what you are doing you can make good money if you earn commissions.  If you have a thick skin, silky voice, are willing to overcome the word “No” then telemarketing might just be for you. To get started check out intrep.com.

38. Telemedicine, Who Knew There Was Such A Thing?

This is a great way for Nurses or Doctors to utilize their skills in a relaxed setting. If you have the training but want to do more work from home then this may be what you’re looking for.  If you are looking for a career in remote medicine then check out Teladoc.com, AmericanWell.com or PlushCare.com.

39. Software Developers Will Be In Demand Until AI Replaces Us All

Do the following terms mean anything to you: GitHub, RubyOnRails, Ubuntu, or Linux?  If so, you are probably a developer and you already know your worth.  Developers can work from anywhere that has an internet connection and as long as they are detail-oriented and deadline conscious, companies really don’t care where you are located. The internet is full of employers searching for this skill.

40. Part-Time Paralegal? Nice Work From Home Income Opportunity

Are you a paralegal? Are you tired of commuting to a dusty, paper-filled office? Well, there are forward-thinking companies out there that are looking for you to work from your home office!   For example, check out lawdingo.com.

More resources if you want to create a wealthy life: https://smartmoneystar.com/how-to-hack-your-financial-life/

So what do you think of the list? Do you have any other profitable side-hustles you’d like to report? Share it in the comments section or on our Facebook page!