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INFOGRAPHIC: 8 Major Differences Between Trading and Investing

Have You Ever Been Confused About The Difference Between An Investor and A Trader? Regarding the difference between investing and trading Warren Buffet once said that “Calling someone who trades actively in the market an investor is like calling someone who repeatedly engages in one-night stands a romantic..” His point is that investing is an […]

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INFOGRAPHIC: The Social Cost Of Money

History of Money Infographic This infographic is a tongue-in-cheek representation of how money has actually helped in man’s evolution while banking has helped man’s devolution. Feel free to comment, like, or share the information! 1. Life was simple back when barter was the main mode of trade – image = short caveman with spear 2. […]

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The 5 Best Books on Wealth Building Ever Written

So What Are The Top Personal Finance Books You Should Be Reading? Are you interested in investing?  Do you want to learn about the pitfalls of personal finance before you risk your hard earned money? Are you terrified of “losing it all”? We have done some digging around in the internet and have come up […]

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How To Start Investing With Little To No Money

Investing starting at $10 When you only have $10 invest it may not seem like you have choices, but people that are trying to attract wealth would be surprised at how much a consistently small effort would yield. Even someone that only has $10 will still have options available if they are willing to look […]

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How to Invest Small Amounts of Money Online

So You’re Ready To Start Investing But Don’t Have A Large Sum of Money Saved Up? Everybody seems to be doing it. They all seem to be having so much fun! Drinking champagne…Living the high life…Riding around in limos! What do they all have in common? They’re investing! There are many articles out there that […]

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What Exactly Does a Wealth Coach Do?

Wealth Coaching versus Financial Planning: The Pros and Cons of Financial Health Consultants Managing your finances can sometimes feel a tad overwhelming. From the basic bills of life to planning for retirement, it is easy to feel lost as you navigate the financial waters. But it is important to realize that you do not have […]

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Counteracting Negative Spending Influences On Our Kids

The University of Montana made an interesting article regarding helping kids learn responsible financial habits which is reprinted below: Kids today have more money to spend and can develop bad financial habits at a very young age that last a lifetime, says a Montana State University-Bozeman Extension family economics specialist. “The life-long benefits of teaching […]

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