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Returning Disabled Veterans Face Tough Financial Circumstances

Returning from war is one of the most difficult tasks for a veteran to take on. In war, you are with your comrades day in and day out. You have each others back and you are a well-oiled machine. You know your daily duties. You know all your available resources.

But upon returning to civilian life it may sometimes feel like no one is on your side. Add to this the sometimes crippling PTSD that can affect every area of your life. From job interviews to relationships with families, being a disabled veteran is a really difficult task.

Fortunately, there are grants available to help those in need so that veterans can get help on the road to recovery.

Nonprofits that provide grants for disabled veterans to pay bills

One non profit that gives veterans financial assistance is Operation Family Fund. They offer assistance for the families of injured veterans.

Unfortunately, injured veterans often fall through the cracks. Because they have to be removed from service, and oftentimes there body needs time to heal, they are no longer able to assist their family financially. Operation Family Fund is there for those instances.

To qualify is simple. You have to be a veteran who was wounded in war.

Another great option is the PenFed Foundation. They are a non profit that offers help for veterans financially.

veteran with flag

From car payments to groceries, they can help any veteran who needs it. Qualification for this program is to be in need and be a veteran.

A third great option for any veteran in need is the Dixon Center. This is financial assistance specifically for female veterans. This program offers financial expenses for any living expenses that the female veteran comes into contact with as they transition back into society.

Lastly, Veterans Inc. Veterans inc is a program to help homeless veterans find and afford housing. When life knocks you down for too long, eventually a veteran can become homeless and hungry.

This program is there to help veterans in need get back on there feet. Veterans inc. is available to all veterans but there assistance is limited to just helping with housing. Unlike the other program options, they do not assist with a variety of daily needs.

However, for most veterans, a home would do the trick on helping them get back on there feet and back integrated into daily life as a citizen of the United States.

It is an unfortunate part of the United States of America that our veterans are our highest class of homeless. Why should a person who has given basically everything for our country to be homeless and uncared for.

It is our duty as citizens of the United States to ensure these people are taken care of. These few programs are a part of many that ensure that our veterans have opportunities for the help that they are in desperate need of.

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