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5 Credit Card Scams You Need To Watch Out For

Hey Veterans: Be Alert For These Time-Tested Credit Card Scam Tactics! Hey Veterans: Have you ever received fraudulent charges on your credit card? Do you know someone who fell for a scam involving their card? Well, if you don’t know anyone who has fallen victim to fraud tactics and have had to repair their own […]

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Out of Debt and Feeling Free: What To Do Now?

Hey Veterans: Let’s celebrate! Your new outstanding credit card balance is $0.00! You did it! You cracked the code.  Exited the Matrix. Killed the monster. Somehow, against all odds, you figured out how to get out of debt fast on your own, just like in this article. The credit card is paid off and now […]

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How To Get Your Financial Life Back On Track!

News Flash For Veterans: Did you know that debt has a way of making your life less enjoyable? It’s like that plant in Little Shop of Horrors constantly crying “Feed Me, Seymour!” It may start out with a very tiny amount, maybe a gift purchase or a vacation, but little by little that tiny debt […]

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Equifax Breach – What Do We Do Now?

Recently Equifax let it be known that 143 Million accounts would be possibly impacted by the biggest data breach in recent history. Yes, 143 Million people’s accounts are now possibly in the hands of scam artists. That number is so big that it boggles the mind.  I mean, the United States had only 322 Million […]

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What Type Of Family Budget Do You Run?

Quick: Which category do you and your family fall into? I have determined that financially, people typically fall into one of three categories. 1. Family A has all the money they need for necessities and more and manage it very well. 2. Family B has all the money they need for necessities and more but […]

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