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Hello to all of you trying to escape the trap of financial dependence. I am going to start this journey off by writing about my views on saving money. Remember this is just one woman’s viewpoint and this stuff isn’t written in stone.

When we think of saving money, the first things that comes to mind are clipping coupons or buying at the cheaper gas station. While these can be good money saving ideas, I feel that to really save money, we must go WAY beyond that. Almost every aspect of our monthly spending budget could be a potential money saver.

Let’s go over a few items and show a possible way to save some real money.

Mortgage? – If you have a reasonable mortgage interest rate, then this is indeed very good for you. But how do you know? My friend just recently refinanced her mortgage and lowered the interest by a full 3 percentage points. This alone saved her over $50,000 and cut 10 years off the life of her home loan. Just for your information she got that mortgage refinanced through Wells Fargo. Why not surf the web and see if you can find a better rate. Don’t forget to consider closing costs before you decide. Check rates today to see if you can get a better deal on a mortgage.

all time low interest rates

Internet Service – If you are paying a higher rate than normal while connected to the internet, consider looking for cheaper alternatives. In Chicago where we live, there are now three providers that are bidding for service, not to mention only using your cell phone.

Telephone Service – Most of us have decided cell phone service and may have been with them a long time. But after years of being hassled to death, I switched from Sprint to T-Mobile and while the price didn’t change much, my satisfaction went wayyyyy up. I know some people who hate T-Mobile, but I certainly am not one of them, especially after years of sub-par living with Sprint. Your mileage may vary, though… I didn’t think I saved money switching to T-Mobile until I went on vacation out of the country. Then I realized what a sweet deal they give their customers. As long as I was near wi-fi, I could use my phone as if I was still in Chicago – No Extra Charge! It’s Amazing that Sprint didn’t have this option. Mind-Boggling really…

My list could go on and on (and it will in other articles..). The idea is that I’d like you to sit down and go over every aspect of your budget and investigate if there are ways to rearrange expenses so that you end up with a happier life given what you are going to spend your money on anyway.

If you are reading this then you have the ability to find the best sources of information to help save you from financial slavery.

Planning and organization are the key to really saving money.


I am a member of a budget management group. I believe that finding others to team up with to meet your goals is likely to be a real benefit to you and could also speed up you meeting your goals.


Have you heard about the Dollar Bill Saving Plan. With this plan you never spend a dollar bill (except for possibly tips). I have been doing this for some time and average putting away $50 to $75 a month. I just put all of my dollar bills in a jar when I come home. I take this money and deposit it in savings each month. Then I take this jar to the bank and put it in a vacation savings account. Try it. It may be one way to put a little money away.

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