Have you ever wondered how some people are able to make a living by making money online? Do you wish it was you who gets to kiss the day job goodbye? Do you feel like you could be doing something better than working your current gig?

Well if you answered “Yes” to any of the above questions then you might be interested in the fun infographic we have found for you. This infographic dives into how certain people are using internet marketing strategies to earn a living from their laptop anywhere in the world. However, I have to admit to you that even here there is always a “catch” you should be aware of.

The “catch” is that if you have yet to sell anything online or make any real money from the online world, what people will never tell you is that, quite frankly, is hard work. Tim Ferriss’ book The Four Hour Work Week definitely got me started heading down the path of earning income from the web, but the biggest draw for me (and for most people) was the lure of getting showered with cash for basically doing very little work.

Of even worse, some may follow the glitter all the way to scam land.

After years of jumping from shiny object to shiny object in the make money online space, I finally came to the realization that of all the people I saw making big bucks online, all of them clearly worked more than four hours a week. Most worked more like 60 hours a week or more.

I went through a long period of disillusionment once I began to realize the size of the task I was trying to accomplish. Here’s the God’s Truth of the matter: Hard work combined with keen insight into what your customer wants is the surest way to make people do the impossible for you.

What is the impossible you say? Oh, it’s quite simple really. It is nearly impossible to:

  1. Get a person who barely knows you to stop their mindless, rambling internet entertainment search and;
  2. Sit up and take notice of you and your offer then;
  3. Rummage through the house to find their wallet, and;
  4. Use their card to perform a transaction with you online!

I say this is nearly impossible not because it actually is, but because 99.8% (a scientific figure I arrived at after buying stupid course after stupid course) of the marketers you will come across in your “make money online” journey will want you to believe that a silver bullet exists that negates the need for simple, tiring, relentless, mind-draining, hard work.

So, yes, making money online can be done. It can even make you wealthy. However, just like farming, you cannot just take a bag of manure (most online money making courses) and spread it on an un-prepped field (your computer) and expect a bumper crop of corn to spring up (magic money in your PayPal account).

That said, you have been duly warned!

Now let’s get to that darned awesome infographic listing 10 ways to make money online.  Review and comment on our Facebook page!

infographic ways to make money online



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